Google’s biggest concern (part 1)

With thousands of website owners, web developers and associates expending millions of dollars on search engine optimization and infinite hours exhausted optimizing their sites (simply to bear Google organic search results reorganized or altogether taken away due to vacillating repositions from new algorithm modifications) is truly producing notions of anger, defeat and contempt.

As if managing a business was not difficult enough, business proprietors are nowadays pressured to address with the ascending and descend of Google search results (recognizing that at any time apart of pitiless rivals targeting their most desired positions that a new algorithm alteration could come along and possibly brush entirely progress under the carpet) without notice.

The sole answer is to either (1) adapt or (2) broaden your traffic generators to become not as much addicted to any source of visitors, yet, most are either reluctant or incognizant of their alternatives.

For big or little business likewise confronted with budget items, cash flow and rivalry; adapting or excessively hinging upon any one traffic source (Google) isn’t a feasible answer for producing long-run constancy.

Confronted with wild wobbles in rankings and either carrying record revenues or red ink based on where you rank constitutes a type of traffic-dependency. That addiction could be ablactated and substituted if those aforementioned business proprietors took their seo or cpc budget to other feasible search engines and / or traffic generators to funnel traffic.

Objectively, it is time to examine affairs for what they actually; the reality that Google (not astonishingly) constitutes a business model prompted by earnings. In spite of the “do not be evil” slogan which formerly brandished a blind eye by most, with recent allegations of privacy concerns, modifications in Adwords policies (which left over thousands prohibited without any accountability) and the never-ending organic search algorithm shuffling, at some point in time users will come to terms on this and act consequently (and disregard Google).

The Pervasive menace of Google penalizations

Lately Google advised untold numbers of webmasters that they were in violation of their conditions of service because of unnatural link activity. Unnecessary to say, the concern of loss comprises an eminent incentive. Once masses are ordered to conform, most will to avoid breaking the stream of the status quo.

Still, the audaciousness that webmasters had better follow the terms of service agreement (considering they did not choose to opt in originally) based upon Google’s limitation on checking the value of the link chart (paid link, deliberate link, unintentional link, etcetera.) is ludicrous. It’s not as if anybody in their index ever accepted a request inquiring whether it was all right to crawl their website and include them in their index?

Does CNN, New York Times, USA today or different large websites add rel=”nofollow” tags to all outgoing links or risk being delisted? Nah, they don’t… and so how come should you be expected to?

The reality is that sites with that much of dominance plainly do not need Google (since they already have an established trade name) and users will visit directly their website rather than utilizing Google as a go-between (which is fundamentally what they are).

And how “relevant” would Google look if a user searched for CNN in Google and could not see CNN (or whatever prominent brand name for that matter), which makes brands in essence insusceptible to being banished from their search results.

Nevertheless, for small businesses, enterprises, affiliates and other people constrained to compete day-after-day in Google to funnel traffic to expand and exist are perpetually pummeled through the obscure conditions of service which basically means you can’t advertise your website (unless it has been done fitting in to Google’s promotional policy).
Google’s position on Links is Dated

The last time I looked links weren’t solely contrived to falsify PR (Page Rank), links are just links, it is merely how a person moves from page to page and site to internet site. Just as freedom of speech exists, the freedom to link to who you wish as you wish exists in the same vein.

The only difference is intent and links are either designed to deliver visitors from Page A to Page B or to advertise – it is that uncomplicated. And citizenry is going to advertise their commercial enterprise from necessity in order to make some earnings so, I do not see links disappearing any time presently, so, Google you will apparently have to conform (and stop penalizing website owners /web developers / web designers) or they’ll merely march on to different traffic funnels…

(Part 2 to be published tomorrow)

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