Google’s biggest concern (part 2)

As promised here is part two of the article ( Google’s biggest concern part 1 )

The point we are making is the following, if Google were losing revenue attributable to their large operation, do you believe they’d have the time, energy or resources to sustain “shaking things up” in the organic results in the name of superior search quality?

future of search

Would they’ve time to shun infinite advertisers (because they jointly are not deserving the time to service equated to fortune 500 and upward business)? – I believe not.
Is Google’ Greatest Fear Competition or Complacency?

With Facebook (the social behemoth) and Apple (the mobile heavyweight) both conceiving getting into the search engine space, Google could possibly experience some severe rivalry ahead (dissimilar to Yahoo or Bing) and which indicates that…

Google biggest dread is:

1) they’ll get outdated for the favored organic search engine and lose their monopoly (and revenue).

2) Cost Per Click will fail to deliver (because organic search is no more “the cats meow” for dissatisfied users) and the organic hits userbase will decrease.

3) The curve will change (which is the most probable) entailing that Modern technologies, platforms, techniques and/or solutions will come forth and masses will just progress from typing keywords in to search engines and use alternate ways such as apps, HTML5 or other options to consume media or commerce delivered on demand.

The rhythm of rising innovation (from bulletin board system, to directories, to search engines) accompanied by user adjustment which at present approaches user complacency has already achieved the point of integration.

This entails that the cycle is mature for change and a fresh potential curve (like Apples Siri) or another alternatives to search could cause the former accomplishment to be outdated (for instance. Beepers, cassette records, videocassette recorder, the Yellow / White Pages).

Nevertheless, at the time (back in the day) hardly anyone was betting past the phase of user self-complacency and would still be utilising beepers, cassette – tape recording, VCR’s, etcetera. However new inventions and curves had took over them, instantly establishing them out-of-date.

Though most businesspeople did not acknowledge (or worry) what a search engine was a decade ago, fast forward a decade and they might not even be able to recall.

Remember, the marketplace is erratic and here today, lost tomorrow can take place quicker with the acceleration of communication and Modern nascent technologies.

The Take Away:

1) The actual information in Google’s index that they endeavor to police and impose doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to the other people (those who composed and published it) and the World Wide Web as a whole who are kind sufficiency to share. Google doesn’t produce the articles in their index, you do, and how you advertise is to be decided by you.

2) The internet is greater than Google and you adjudicate Google’s destiny every time you search on their program or prefer a different search engine you draw your vote. There are 1000s of traffic funnels to bring visitors to your sites apart of search engines (look into them for viability to your business sector).

3) Google ordering people to parachute through hoops (in fearfulness from a page-rank penalty or removal from their index) is a Pandora’s Box they had better leave alone (or they could be left alone on the next coming forth exit by those very same censored/punished users).

In closing, Google’s most avid dread is you not utilizing Google search and although their business model is magnificent, they are the most prosperous business in the history to turn a profit by (1) utilizing data produced by other sites thru crawling and indexing technique (2) create an integrated advertising framework as a supplement to their organic search results and (3) being paid to direct visitors out from their own web site as a influential go-between – this model, put plainly, bears its restrictions, especially, whenever some of the aforesaid metrics vary, (like Google being forced to get a permit to crawl your content).

Luckily for us (based on former experience), we recognize that consumers are erratic and at whatsoever time they could opt-out and patronize different sites which deliver more affectionate, functional or curb appealing than Google. Google started as merely an internet site and can possibly be cut back thereto if masses decide not to use them.

This implies you, the users guard the key to just how much might or dominance you want to tolerate them to hold over you or your company.

Please share your opinions below in the comment section…

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