Drupal 7 node form move description / help text of a field to above the field.

On a recent project customer facing node add form had a design that required the description (help text) be just below the label, the default Drupal 7 implementation has it below the field which was not acceptable to my client. After quite extensive search i found few threads discussing it but it was hard to find the real solution, most of the Google results were regarding the CCK (drupal 6 version of fields module), other advised editing the core module files and then some were just incomplete… So as i did figure it out, i am sharing the solution with you (and possibly me, in few months when i forget how i did it…)

Open the template.php file of your theme and insert the below code at the end of the file:

Don’t forget to replace the “EXAMPLE_THEME” with the name of your theme.

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