How you came here? (Google Analytics)

Unlike companies who setup your Google Analytics and make a monthly or quarterly report, we believe that this has to be looked at weekly (at least at the outset of a new website and/or strategy being implemented), and if you are not getting the right people the key will be in this report on Google Analytics, the SEO / Queries (formerly keywords) report. I am always fascinated at some of the keywords that people type into Google to our website. If you came here through Google search, chances are that you also searched for some variation of out top searched keywords. So here they are:

  1. Drupal bulletin board
  2. Drupal or WordPress
  3. Drupal Search Engine Optimization
  4. Drupal Toronto Ubercart
  5. Drupal Toronto
  6. Drupal vs WordPress 2014
  7. hacked WordPress
  8. Joomla 1.0 to WordPress
  9. must have Drupal 7 modules
  10. SEO Drupal
  11. SEO Drupal vs WordPress
  12. Toronto Drupal
  13. Toronto WordPress
  14. Toronto WordPress developer
  15. Toronto WordPress developers
  16. WordPress developer Toronto
  17. WordPress expert Toronto
  18. WordPress hacked Toronto SEO
  19. WordPress Toronto
  20. WordPress vs Drupal 2014
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