From Joomla 1.0 to WordPress 3.1

I recently had a client who had an Joomla website with hundreds of posts. He had a couple of problems with his old website:

  • The site was loading very slow or not loading at all some times
  • Website flexibility was an issue
  • the person hired to maintain and to-do all the updates had a hard time working with very not intuitive Joomla

The client made a decision that its time to migrate site to some other CMS (content management system). The question became which would it be Drupal or WordPress. So we sat down and looked at his current site (whatever we were able to see, since part of the loading issue was the template we had to temporally switch to a different template). Here is a short list of stuff we looked at (and thoughts):

  • The site had a few hundred articles (need an automatic importer)
  • The articles are to the most part text with some image in the middle (WordPress could do it)
  • Though the articles are broken down into categories the layout to display them is identical (Would be easier to replicate with Drupal, but does the client actually care about this or would he not care to have all of them look the same)

As you probably guessed we went for the WordPress in this case. We started looking for a migration/importer solution to bring over the old content, but we hit a roadblock, there was an importer from Joomla 1.5 to WordPress 3, (to make it work would need to update the joomla first) and there was one for Joomla 1.0 to wordpress 2.3 (to make this work will need to install an old version of wordpress import and then upgrade or export as wordress to wordpress).  Since i wasn’t in the mood of updating an already broken Joomla site. I decided to use the second script Joomla to WordPress Import Wizard.

So here are the steps we took.

  • Install a new wordpress 3.0 on a sub-domain “New”
  • Install wordpress 2.3 on sub-domain “temp”
  • upload the importer/migration script to “import” folder
  • create all the Post categories corresponding to the old site in the temporary wordpress install
  • run the import script to import the content one category at a time
  • Clean up (move the contents of “new” sub-domain to the main public_html/www folder, delete unnecessary temp sub-domain and import folder)
  • Enjoy the new site

The whole process including theme customization took approximatively 15 Hours. And here is a link to the new website Any comments or questions?

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