Built on Drupal 6 + Ubercart + Forum + PHPFreeChat, this massive parenting community website, was designed by U2R1 Media and Developed by me as part of my work for Lichtman Consulting…

Here is a bit about them:

WhereParentsTalk.com - Online Parenting Community - Baby-Care DVDs, Free Parenting AdviceAbout: We started this little business out of our basements in 2003. Back then, when you said “parenting” and “video” in the same breath, people looked at you like you had two heads! But we soldiered on and produced two award-winning DVDs, Bringing Baby Home, on newborn care and Yummy in my Tummy on starting solids. This was way before YouTube and there were very few similar parenting resources available out there.

Fast-forward to 2010 and we are re-launching our website as WhereParentsTalk.com. The internet is the ultimate reference tool nowadays. WhereParentsTalk was created just for parents craving information, support and a shoulder to cry on. You can have spit up crusted onto your 3-day unwashed pjs, be 30 lbs overweight from breastfeeding and still jump online and find millions of others just like you, willing to offer that much-needed support! That is what WhereParentsTalk strives to be, an amazing parenting resource of articles, recipes, videos, forums, and live chats!

URL: http://whereparentstalk.com/

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