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Your blog has readers now what?

A lot of time when speaking to a client i hear them say we have x number of visitors to our website. The fact that a website has a lot of visitors though could mean very little if the purpose of your website is get customers to buy your product while bulk of visitors who come to your website are coming to read an article (blog post) you wrote a year ago about some tv show… It is though, irrelevant why people come to your website if the purpose and profitability of the website depends on ads (like Google Adsense).

My point is, that it is very important to analyze your (Google) Analytics.

I have recently been asked by few of my competitors, Drupal and WordPress developers how people find my website, so here the list of the top keywords from google search bringing traffic to my website:

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What are your top keywords? Do they match your ideal website visitor? Keep the above points in mind, 1000 visitors who will never become your client are not better then 10 targeted visitors, if all of them are your potential clients.