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Some SEO basics for WordPress, Drupal or any other website

My website currently ranks very high in Google search results with SERP (search results position) between 1 and 5 for the following keywords:

  1. wordpress developer Toronto – average position 3

  2. drupal developer Toronto – average position 2

  3. joomla to wordpress – average position 1

  4. drupal 7 must have modules – average position 5

  5. seo drupal Toronto – shows simultaneously in multiple positions on the first page (very high CTR – click through rate)

95% of this results comes from onsite SEO not some black hat maneuver or buying links in directories, this is mostly (i did use a service once to  register me on a whole bunch of social media websites) organic on page SEO.

So how is it done? Here are the steps:

  1. Get a good page title:

    1. define what is your niche market(s). For me its mostly WordPress and Drupal web development plus SEO and SEM (search engine marketing, aka Google adwords or similar program ). If you want to “specialize” in more than 3 services consider creating separate websites for each…

    2. now consider if your ideal client is a “local” client?

    3. Now use the result of point A and point B to arrive at a title for your website  that looks something like:  “offering service a____,  b_,  c______ in Toronto, GTA region”

  2. write an article for your blog about each one of those services, and if you use a proper WordPress or Drupal theme your title should automatically reflect the post title.

  3. make sure you defined meta description, time and again i have been searching for something in Google to stumble upon one of those results where the search result description is the copyright statement or some part of page header, this will dramatically decrease your CTR which will in turn prompt Google to demote your site to a lower position

  4. Decide if your is the main website or is it spelled without “www” one way is not better or worse then another, but what is worse is when website is accessible at both addresses, because what that essentially means is that you two identical website on “different” domains. To fix this put in a permanent redirect (could be done in htaccess) also submit a request in Google webmaster tools asking Google to recognize one of them as the main website…

to be continued…